The Watergate investigation didn’t target Nixon personally, either — at first.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

My anonymous sources tell me this will be dragged out until the 2018 mid-terms or longer, but eventually the Democrats will have to find something else to castrate the President for, as it will lead nowhere.

My anonymous sources also tell me there is a good chance the Justice Department will re-open the investigation of the Hillary email scandal and the role the Clinton Global Initiative might have played during her tenure as Secretary of State. They will also instruct the FBI and the DNI to investigate the massive distribution of investigatory info about this alleged collusion as well as the leaking that went on during the prior administration.

Hold onto your hats. Things are going to heat up.

The Democrats better get their stories straight and their propaganda machine oiled. Someone’s going to jail, and it ain’t Trump.

Tick tock…