Sorry, your long reply is appreciated because you obviously took the time to think and respond —…
Mary O'Donnell Meldrum

“Sorry, your long reply is appreciated because you obviously took the time to think and respond — and I do appreciate that — but I still do not see Russian interference in our country’s processes as a partisan issue, despite the fact that there has been much partisan outcry about it…”

To be sure, any interference by Russia or any other foreign country is something to take quite seriously. Whether it be with the electoral process or fishing around for state secrets, or looking for dirt on those they can influence through blackmail, it’s all bad, AND it must be dealt with. Obama took no action against Putin for this now agreed upon meddling until the moment his term was over and then slapped sanctions on him, knowing he wouldn’t have to deal with any fallout that would ensue.

It is quite possible however, Russian attempts to involve itself in our election does not automatically mean Trump, his family, staff, or anyone he has ever spoken to are guilty.

Although it is admirable that you can stay non-partisan about issues like this, there is one party in particular that has from the beginning pointed the finger at Trump and the whole collusion thing non-stop. So, while you can remain non-partisan, others in positions that matter clearly can’t.

“…I am an independent voter. I do not — and never will — assign my allegiance to any party, preferring instead to align myself with those individuals who can show me at least a little integrity, competency and loads of humility. So while you refer to “Koolaid-drinking-…..” nobody who truly knows me would agree with you. I am not cheerleading for the left or the right…”

Actually, that hyphen loaded remark wasn’t directed at you particularly, rather if one is a Kool-Aid… apologies for not aiming more carefully before firing.

“…However, having said that, I certainly do not cheerlead for DT either. With regard to my search for integrity and humility, I certainly do not find a molecule of it in DT. For me, character is everything. I experience him as a braggart, entitled and lacking any humility, introspection or empathy. I also do not buy into the idea that he is a good leader because he doesn’t set the good example with his words and conduct that so many great leaders that I know do…”

Look, Donald trump is no paragon of virtue, I get that, but this last election cycle left us with slim pickings. I would never, ever, ever, cast a vote for any Democrat, at least the way they have morphed into the sole arbiters of good and gold in this country.

While Trump wasn’t my first, second, or even third choice, I made the decision that whoever eventually got the nomination I would support. The stakes and all of our freedoms were at real risk of being taken away by a party that rules along the lines of you must comply, you will comply, even if you disagree.

While they may have been successful in getting millions to believe that crap, I’m old enough to know what a great president looks like. Young people have never seen anything but a Democrat controlled everything, promising them freebies, while looting the Treasury in order to get votes. Priming their pumps to believe in big government as a rite of passage.

It’s getting to the point in this country that whoever seems to promise more and more free stuff will eventually get the millenial’ vote.

“…As far as Dems attacking and the left-leaning media, all that other stuff you sling about, it is clear which side you are on. I realize that the narrative for each side is very specific with its targeting (the infowars are real, big data is in play, and the “media” is getting watered down on both sides with innuendo and propoganda to feed to its base), and that one can easily get caught up in the hype and contempt generated by either side (let’s not forget that the Reps promulgated very bad and misinformed press for Obama too…”

I have never tried nor will I ever hide who I am and what I stand for. While I can get down in the mud with the best of them, they have taken their gloves off and so have I.

You’ll have to be way more specific about the promulgation of bad and misinformed stuff about Obama. Look, it’s no secret most of the media out there leans way left and provides protective cover for their ideological counterparts. Any vetting of Obama, which was only done by a few on the Right may have allowed us to avert the absolute disaster of a president that he was.

I don’t take kindly to any candidate for any office that wants to take this country down the socialist path. There are quite a number of these countries across the globe, and one need only to look at the statistics of life in those countries to see it is a sad and terrible situation for the citizens. The power brokers always make out fine, living large off the labor of the people, while demonizing those who want change. Any grassroots efforts to do that are usually met with interment or death.

“…There are many people who are heavily invested on both sides into securing victory of power. This is not anything new. I find it exhausting. It’s like children arguing in the back seat of a car).
My contention is that dissention is fine when it comes to politics, but as long as we treat each other like hated enemies, amping up and fueling the language and narrative that we are fed, we become puppets and spend all our energy on this division, and never stand a chance of overcoming our difficulties as a country…”

That’s becoming increasingly difficult to do. The other side is relentless in their arrogance and demonization of anyone who doesn’t think like they do. While I always try and keep an even keel, it doesn’t work in this instance. Having said that, there are times when I have edited or deleted some remarks I made, even deleting entire responses because even I thought I might have been crossing a line.

“…Again, I appreciate your thoughtful response. It is refreshing, however, let go of the name-calling because that — like all the same crap going on on the other side — just makes your opposition dig in and put up their dukes.”

Welllllllll, I can’t promise but maybe I can try. At least you can rationalize the reasons for thinking the way you do. Too many just respond viciously or blindly, not desiring to have any discourse whatsoever.

Sometimes it may seem like the chicken or the egg routine, but the other side has amped up the rhetoric to dangerous levels and it takes a lot of restraint on my part not to fire away.

There’s too much at stake here, and sometimes revolution is necessary to change course. My version of that is to continue to hold to conservative (not necessarily Republican principles) as those of our Founding Fathers who were wise beyond their years.

A lot of bloodshed and death occurred to bring America into being, and it is not going down without a fight.

Still probably going to fire away, maybe I’ll just load more blanks from time to time.