I don’t see this as a Democrats vs.
Mary O'Donnell Meldrum

“I don’t see this as a Democrats vs. Republicans issue — mostly because Trump is neither a Dem or a Rep…”

Who are you kidding!

The Democrats ALWAYS make it a Dem v Rep issue, or a Dem v Us issue.

It’s their way of trying to increase their baseless base. Unless one is a-fully-in-the-tank-kool-aid drinking-eternally-angry-and-always-offended-at-something-liberal-hack, they actually turn the more moderate Democrat into a Republican or an Undecided voter.

They are going to need a hell of a lot more snowflakes to get interested enough in voting instead of spending half their time protesting something, and the other half silencing free speech.

“…There is uncontested proof that Russia did meddle in our elections. For that reason alone, this whole thing needs to go forward…”

I agree wholeheartedly, BUT, meddling and collusion are disparate issues which the Democrats and most media outlets were all too willing to conflate strictly for partisan reasons, AND, strictly because they believe there had to be some anomaly, some wrongdoing, because there was no other way to accept, in this highly charged political universe, that Hillary could have lost without Trump cheating.

I do believe:

Russia successfully hacked into the computer systems at DNC headquarters.

Russia was trying to influence the outcome of the election.

Russia has been doing this for decades and through many administrations.

Russia will continue to do these things unless and until someone with a spine and some true leadership makes it unpalatable for them to continue doing.

Prior to Donald Trump announcing his run for the presidency, Russia had already made successful attempts at hacking into various governmental computers. Why former President Obama did not nip this in the bud then will be a continuing source of debate and controversy for years to come.

I don’t believe:

Russia successfully hacked, nor could they hack directly into any of the electronic voting booths across the country, a fact that was made known by the FBI, the DNI and other intelligence and investigatory bodies.

Russia successfully influenced the outcome of the election.

Russia gave any of the emails to WikiLeaks. While Julian Assange is no hero, there would be no reason for him to divulge where the emails came from other than to say they didn’t come from Russia. I remember that 32 year old employee at the DNC who was suspiciously murdered in cold blood on the streets of Washington DC shortly after the leaked emails were made public.

Some say coincidence, I say shades of Vince Foster.

private citizen, candidate, President-elect, or President Trump colluded with the Russians to become our 45th president.

“… An independent special investigator would be the best solution for moving forward on this to reduce the politicization of the process. If DT is truly innocent and interested in getting to the bottom of this, he should be promoting this solution, and should welcome being absolved of any crime…”

Not sure I agree.

The Democrats would love nothing more than to keep this Trump/Russia story alive and well through the 2018 mid-terms and possibly the 2020 mid-terms and presidential race, hoping it will provide some measure of momentum to the Dems who are up for re-election.

The appointment of a special inspector would accomplish exactly that.

Allowing for time to actually appoint one, adding to that time to build his/her team, get up to speed with the investigations that are occurring and any facts uncovered, interview or depose principles and any witnesses, and then rolling all of that up into a neat little ball called a Final Report and voila, 2018 here we come!

Their memories are woefully short however, for it wasn’t too long ago during the campaign that Trump became known as the Teflon Don simply because every time the Democrats thought they had that gotcha moment, Trump survived not only unscathed, but more popular than ever.

It is this same reckless and willfull ignorance that will propel the Republicans to even greater majorities.

It’s a true statement; some people never learn,

in fact isn’t that what Einstein’s insane definition means — doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

“…Perhaps we will find that Russia colluded with NO ONE,…”

Perhaps we will, definitely!

“…and just messed around with us like a cat with a toy. A terrifying — and in my opinion, unlikely notion…”

A notion I happen to agree with.

No foreign nation or actor does it simply for the kicks. There is always a nefarious self-serving reason why, although not for the one(s) being launched by the Left.

“…Who knows where this will lead, and all the bluster around Comey certainly doesn’t help to do anything but muddy the waters further around this issue. At this point, it seems that Comey’s firing was simply more of DT throwing his weight around and sending a message to everyone that he is in charge. He still, somehow, is under the impression that he is the CEO of America and can fire people without scrutiny, like his reality TV show. AND this is also a way for him to make sure his name is in all the news feeds all day and all night, because there is nothing he craves/needs more than more attention. He is a bottomless pit…”

While I will admit the firing of James Comey at this particular time was not the best of optics, it must be remembered he served at the pleasure of the president (in effect, an at-will employee, if you will), AND, President Trump was fully backed up by the Constitution in doing so, unlike some legal analysts at CNN and elsewhere that throw empty but provocative words like constitutional crisis or shades of fascism to the wind knowing their base will eat it up and react accordingly.

I don’t think Trump needs to do anything special to have his name out there as you infer. The Democrats and the left-leaning media take care of that for him, seeing as they feel compelled to turn every word, blink of the eye or action into hours long news cycles for the angry and misinformed.

“…My personal feelings about this whole thing is that there is enough of a stench around this whole thing that it seems pretty obvious to me that something went down between Russia and DT’s team. The obvious chumminess DT shows to Putin and toward Russia doesn’t quell any suspicions either.”

Wonder what the Democrats will do, or what new attack they will unleash, after they find out there was no there there.

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