We Can’t Impeach Trump, but We Can Burn the GOP to the Ground

This article proves my point that liberal education policies and liberal ideologies in general lead to a willful ignorance of what’s good and decent about the USA.

Hash tags, tag lines, political labels and unsubstantiated accusations are all that is needed anymore to get the pot to boil and to keep it boiling. It’s pretty interesting that the Progressive party and their ilk have nothing left other than to resist.

Their strategy is to knock down everyone who holds a different opinion so low, they seem to be the only ones standing or worth listening to. It’s like dealing with cockroaches; when you see one, you know there are many more hidden and waiting to feed.

They do it well however, seeing as that’s what their belief system was founded on. All this other crap was just a way to make them sound and seem compassionate when in reality they all are a power hungry group of demagogues trying to instill the same values present since the days of ancient Babylon.

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