Trump’s Bogus “voter fraud” Commission
Robert M Zigmund

Total votes cast for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was 128,824,246, not counting the remaining 5.7% that went to Jill Stein and other candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

Using the percentages from the Brennan Center for Justice, rates of in-person voter fraud would be at least as low as 38,647 fraudulent votes, and at least as high as 322,060 fraudulent votes.

So, how much voter fraud is an acceptable amount to you? Is it the amount reported by Brennan, or don’t you favor lowering that figure further?

While those on the left will always make it about voter suppression, I support any modality which would seek to lower potential voter fraud as low as possible. My voice demands it! So should yours.

Those who want to do something badly enough will always find a way to do it.

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