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“…Trump told Holt that “when I decided to do it, I said to myself… this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story.” Here Trump is admitting that his dissatisfaction with Comey was based, at least in part, on Comey’s decision to pursue an investigation into potential collusion between his campaign and Russia.

He is telling Holt his state of mind…”

You’re not only a partisan journalist or whatever you call yourself, now you’re playing the role of psychologist too.

Not working on either account dude.

Comey has never publicly stated Donald Trump was ever the focus or part of an investigation looking into collusion with Russia. In fact, the initial investigation by the FBI was specifically about Russia’s alleged role in attempting to tamper with our election process.

The only 2 known targets of the collusion issue that we do know about are General Mike Flynn and Carter Paige, and to date, even ranking Democrats have had to say that as of now there isn’t any smoking gun evidence of collusion. It is common knowledge, especially in the rancorous political climate we have now, if there was ANY bit of evidence proving collusion, it would have been leaked across every publication, cable and television news outlet, and blog ad nauseum.

What articles like this and others DO however, is show me more the state of mind of the author than Trump’s.

Once again though, Progressives may envision impeachment as a moral victory, while not looking at the overall ramifications of such an action.

Vice-President Pence looks more presidential, sounds more presidential, and is every bit as willing to fulfill every one of President’s Trump’s campaign promises, so unless they’re thinking of impeachment for Pence too, they will be in exactly the same place as before.

Worse actually.

VP Pence is a principled spiritual, and measured man. He doesn’t tweet at all hours of the day or early morning, does not rush to judgment, doesn’t go off half-cocked and gangsta and will gather his staff around him and come to a consensus of what is best for America and Americans. He doesn’t seem to have any skeletons in his closet seeing as that would have been come out during any oppo research during the campaign.

You all better hope Trump isn’t impeached, for you’re much more likely to take it on the chin before you even know what hit you.

More importantly however, they will have gas-lighted an explosion of support for Republicans and Conservatives, that would prove even more likely Democrats won’t be winning anything in the near and far future, except maybe for the Crybaby of the Year Award or the Blame the Other Side For Things We Do and Say Award.

Have at it radicals.


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