Another piece of FAKE NEWS by a FAKE NEWS Typist!
John Hames

We didn’t take them away, the Democrats just figured out a new way to enslave them.

It was called Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.

Even during the days of Jim Crow almost 80% of African American families consisted of a mother and father. Now the government has become the new baby daddy and has freely given of the Treasury to ensure their continued vote.

They continue to blind them by blaming everyone and everything else, you know, racist cops, racist America (except for them) rich white people (except for them).

They eat up the propaganda like candy and are quite content to see the government handouts as a sort of reparation.

If the African American community at large ever comes to its senses and realizes they have been hornswoggled by the government’s carrot on a stick stratagem, maybe things will turn around for them and this country.

Then the hateful Progressive Party will have to figure out how to enslave a new generation of Pavlov’s dog voters to replace the black vote.

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