A Brief Response To “Let’s Stop Coddling White Feelings” And Authors Blocking Criticism
Matt Infald

Wow, I’m really learning a lot by this thread.

Seeing as I have never BLOCKED anyone, nor felt the need to (I usually just ignore someone), I wasn’t aware that Medium’s BLOCK feature functions as an ultimate determination of what can and can’t be seen.

I’m sure Medium talks about this in their TOS or somewhere, and maybe I should have read it, but it sure sounds exactly like what has been happening on too many college campuses around the country; protesting and rioting when a conservative is invited to speak, thereby blocking any students that want to hear, from being able to do so.

It’s beyond the race thing, this is exactly what the liberal Left foments and protects all the time, and is why it will continue to occur in all forms as time goes by.

Shameful and sad.

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