You’re delusional. Maybe on the same planet as Das Gropenfuhrer.
Pamela Fender

Wow, was your statement because of something I said or did you just feel like letting go and I was the closest one to the vent?

A little correction is in order though. I am from Alpha Centauri, or more specifically seeing as Alpha Centauri consists of 3 stars, Rigil Kentaurus.

I found your planet while universe surfing and I found your political process as a side show, so I frequent Earth as often as I can. Sometimes it gets lonely when you’re over 4 light years away, but I get by Ok.

Interesting creatures, earthlings.

They fight and kill each other without seeing and appreciating all of the wonders of their inhabited plane. They are content to cater to their base nature and seem to enjoy the ever present battles of wits and minds.

You see, here on RK, we all think alike and do the same things millenium after millenium, and although I thought visiting a planetary system such as yours we could find differing ways of becoming more broad in our thinking and actions, after witnessing all of this madness, I’m off to hopefully find a more civilized group of creatures.

Goodbye for now, or as I say it in the Centaurian language

bfhedpw ofvnfv `lbvpdfv-3vk chwdciweuv hcxhsdc

Nanoo nanoo

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