“they will have gas-lighted an explosion of support for Republicans and Conservatives…”
Mateo D

“…Yeah, and how’s all that ‘support’ been workin’ out for ‘ya so far?…

Pretty darned well last time I checked! Let’s see…

Republican president. ~ Check

Republican majority in the House ~ Check

Republican majority in the Senate ~ Check and Checkmate!

Works for me.

Boy, that was a quick game. Wanna try checkers or maybe Global Thermonuclear War? I’ll even let you go first again.

“…May 10th: President Trump’s approval rating is nearing a record low, with losses among the non-college-educated and white men, according to a Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday.”

So what!

Don’t you liberals ever learn ANYTHING, or take lessons from past mistakes?


Everyone and his brother on the Left concentrated on the polls during the campaign. Trump was behind Hillary for most of that time and look what that did for her… Jack Squat.