You don’t see Trump as being unstable?
Geoff Atkins

“You don’t see Trump as being unstable? He’s got that whole brain/mouth wiring a little crossed, and he’s the one acting like a gaslighting, manipulative partner…”

While there a few things I would like Trump to get under control, it is critical to look at WHAT he is actually doing as far as governing is concerned.

Illegal border crossings are down greatly since his inauguration.

Unemployment numbers are getting better with each Labor Department report.

ObamaCare, the bane of America, is being dismantled and a more humane approach to health care is hopefully to follow. Having said that, I’m not a believer that government should be in the business of providing health care to anyone, and it seems like the Trump administration and the House are not interested in putting the issue back into the private sector as it was before Obama got involved in it, rather tinkering with some parts and content to do so.

He has cut many onerous regulations which had a stifling effect on businesses in this country, which then has a trickle-down effect on our personal economies.

His tax cut plan will put more money back in your pocket where it really belongs, and make the daunting hysteria about filing taxes a bit more palatable.

His firm stance on foreign policy matters and his determined desire to eradicate ISIS is something we haven’t seen in the last 8 years.

Remember, Trump isn’t beholden to anyone but the American people. He self-funded his campaign, and while he did accept donations, they came from interested Americans, not Super PACS or corporate lobbyists.

“…You’re mistaken in thinking that I support the Democrat party. I’m an interested outside party, and weep at the entire state of US politics. Your assumption and the automatic partisanship is ample evidence of the inherent problems the US faces.”

Well, I certainly apologize for assuming you are a Democrat/Progressive. Putting THAT label on someone who isn’t can understandably agitate them unnecessarily, similar to you painting with a broad brush and seeing me as a partisan hack who adds to the rancor.

So yeah, I understand that and again apologize.