“ I’ve been interviewed and worked with mainstream media and seen how they manipulate the truth…

“…you sure make a lot of statements with no evidence, or rely on random anons, to come to your conclusions. What sources have you verified?…”

So, are you intimating that you believe there is nothing suspicious about Seth Rich’s murder, or are you just attacking anyone who believes otherwise.

That’s exactly what the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media outlets, including the ones identified by the leaks do on a minute-by-minute basis, so, from your perspective, Trent should fit right in.

The harder the Left and the liberal media push against something is all the more reason to believe there really is something there.

Maybe you’ll chime in on this investigation also:

Of course, you won’t see this reported on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC or elsewhere in the liberal media sphere, and Schultz will probably get away with this also. If by some chance it is covered it will undoubtedly be in the vein of the Capitol police being wrong, or the right-wing conspiracy is at it again, or there is nothing to this story or whatever false flag reasons they can come up with.

It is interesting to note, Wasserman Schultz could be guilty of one of the various reasons they are trying to take Trump down on ~ interfering with a criminal investigation

You are yet another example of the powerful effects the elixir of Progressivism has on the mind.

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