AxMath — Let’s type formulas at lightspeed!

Editing & Typesetting

  • WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get
  • Graphical typesetting
  • A scrollable and customizable toolbox panel is applied to present all symbols and expression-building structures
  • Hotkey input and interacitve LaTeX input are both supported
  • LaTeX editor with syntax highlighting is povieded
  • Auto-complete Suggestions for LaTeX
  • Versatile assistants and gadgets on the right sidebar to improve working efficiency
  • The equations’ appearance conform to the AMS/LaTeX standard
  • User defined symbols
  • Matrix templates, auto-filling and partitioning for matrices
  • Searching and replacing
  • Colorful equations, automatically or manually
  • MS-Office plug-in for equation numbering and management

Scientific calculating function

  • Calculating based on equation
  • Variable and constant definition

Equation output and compatibility

  • AxMath is an OLE server. It works as a plug-in with word processors such as MS-WORD
  • The baseline of the surrounding text is aligned with the AxMath equation’s baseline for many word processors
  • Vector output, can be used directly for printing or publishing
  • Can be exported to BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and other common picture formats
  • Picture capture is supported
Create any matrix you want
Setup any style you want
Quick find and replace
AxMath add-in on Word Ribbon
Auto numbering
Auto calculation, even with units
Chemistry and more




Star Soul Science and Technology

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Saint Asky

Saint Asky

Star Soul Science and Technology

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