How to convert equations into LaTeX and vice versa?

Saint Asky
Aug 7, 2018 · 3 min read

Today, I’ll show you how to easily convert equations into LaTeX and vice versa using AxMath.

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About LaTeX

LATEX (pronounced either “Lay-tech” or “Lah-tech”) is a portable document formatting system based on TEX (pronounced “tech”), a typesetting language originally designed especially for math and science. It is also a programming language, which means you can create your own commands to simplify and customize it. TEX and LATEX use by default a font family called “Computer Modern,” which includes a variety of styles such as serif, sans serif, typewriter, and a particularly rich set of mathematical symbols.

Use Cases

LaTeX has applications in many areas. In addition to using LaTeX to layout documents, you can also use MathJax to render LaTeX formulas. Wikipedia, Quora, Wordpress and many others use MathJax to render LaTeX formulas. The advantage of using MathJax rendering instead of inserting an image is that you don’t have to re-upload the image every time when you modify the formula.

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Convert It!

As you can see from the title picture, using the LATEX input formula is quite complicated. Many times, we want to use the WYSIWYG formula editor to enter the formula and convert it to LATEX code.

Step1: Type your equations in AxMath

AxMath is a powerful interactive equation editor for multiple purposes. AxMath lets you create complex equations at ease. With semantic math you can type any equations at lightspeed without using a mouse.

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If you are new to AxMath or a user of MathType, you may use symbol panel to input equations. The symbols are divided into different categories. You can easily scroll the panel to choose the right symbol. You can also type LaTeX code, and the IME will suggest the relative symbols you can choose from. This may be the ultimate form of all equation editors.

Simply click the “LaTeX editor” button or use shortkey (Ctrl+Tab) to goto LaTeX editor mode.

Step2: Change to LaTeX editor mode

In LaTeX editor mode, you can easily deal with LaTeX code. Simply click “Translate to LaTeX” or use shortkey (Alt+Enter). The equations you type will be converted into LaTeX code.

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Also, you can click the button “build equations” or use shortkey (Shift+Enter) to convert LaTeX scripts back to WYSIWYG equations. Then you can copy and paste images if you want. Or you can insert it into Word and PowerPoint.

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Copy and paste the LaTeX script of your equations anywhere you want. Such as your website, Wikipedia or Quora. See the MathJax rendering. It’s perfect, isn’t it?


AxMath is the most convenient WYSIWYG equations editor on Windows Platform. It is designed for progressive user experience. For a new user, he or she can use the panels to click and type the symbols. For a more experienced user, he or she can type most of the equations without a single click, and without memorize a lot (Thanks to the auto-completion suggestions).

The official website is . Have a look!

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