Let’s look at the milestones we had achieved ✅

Not only we got a successful Pre-sale event with 1500 BNB Hard-cap done in 12 hours, we had also listed on Coinmarketcap + Coingecko very fast and got our project 7 strong backers for further development.

With the roadmap we pointed out for the 10$ goal, after 6 months of game development, Dragon Verse had started its next phase and successfully released STAKING feature and sold NFT MYSTERY BOXES for community. Combining with successful MEXC initial listing event — Kickstarter voting, we pumped the DRV price to 0.16$ and currently have 73M$ vote on MEXC 🚀🚀

From 26/12, where we run MEXC second marketing event — Trading Competition, we believe we will continue pump this token to new ATH everyday.

But will it be able to reach 10$?

📌 The answer is yes, if we follow our next steps on Roadmap. After the pump from MEXC, we will continue:

📍Release Test Beta Game on 31/12

📍Listed on GATE.IO in January

📍Launch Official Game Version 1.0 in January

📍Release Metaverse Real Estate Deposit in Febuary

📍Continuously upgrade game versions + launch Official Metaverse Real Estates

Every step Dev team takes, we take it seriously and sincerely. We want all the best for this DRV project and our community. Thus, your support and trust in Dev team will be the best motivation for the development of Dragon Verse in the future.


#DRV #10$ #ATH #DragonVerse #GameFi #DEV

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