Dragon Verse

Besides all 12 items that are on the fire of 30% discount, these 6 new items will also be the 6 items available at map 3.

This means that if you are owning these items for your dragons, it will be more beneficial for your dragons because clearing map 3 will only be available for these 6 items.

The old items are only available for map 1 and 2.

Are you guys ready for map 3?

Stay tuned!

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Following the launch of Map 2, DRV game has already diversified the new 6 items and potions for our players. Specifically:

1️⃣ Great Charm: purchase for better Defense skills in the battle

2️⃣ Dragon Horn: purchase for better Attack skills

3️⃣ Life Core: purchase for better HP points

4️⃣ Legend Charm: purchase for better Defense skills

5️⃣ Legend Gem: purchase for better Attack skills

6️⃣ Ancient Mask: purchase for better HP points

Will be available on February 15

See you all!

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Take a look on the latest adjustment on game rewards for each map!

🥇 On Map 1: With 10 levels to conquer, the map total rewards are now 35$. To pass all the maps, players will need to use specific skills from their dragons.

🥇 On Map 2: To join map 2, players MUST pass map 1 (all 10 levels) and the total rewards for this map is 72$. Players are suggested to continue using their dragons that won Map 1 Boss to play this Ice Map. New Inventories will also be released for this map in the next few days.

For more details: https://doc.dragonverse.finance/dragon-metaverse-game-play/map

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Dragon Verse Soul ($DRS) is the new token applied in Dragon Verse’s Game Ecosystem. $DRS mission is to fulfil and support the main utility token $DRV on all aspects, thus growing both tokens better in the future. #GameFi #NFT #P2E #Staking #Web3



🔥Right at the heat of Dragon Verse game launch, we officially announce the Leaderboard Event with BIG REWARDS for Top 5 players from 21/1–30/1

📍How to win this contest:

1️⃣ Join in and enjoy DRV game: https://play.dragonverse.finance/

2️⃣ If you are in Top 5 Leaderboard after 10 days, you are the winners.

⭕️ NOTICE: You must hold $ in your game account in 10 days.


1st Prize: 1000 USDT

2nd Prize: 500 USDT

3rd Prize: 300 USDT

4th Prize: 150 USDT

5th Prize: 50 USDT

Good luck!

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