Umbrella — ARK delegate proposal

Hi there!

My name is Dragos, and I’ve been part of the ARK community (as a silent watcher) for some time, and I think I should step up and get involved in this great community.

I’m a Software Engineer that wears many hats: developer, sysadmin, and product. I run a small company that offers Elixir consultancy and helps founders to develop and launch their products.

As part of my involvement with ARK community, I want to resurrect the Elixir ARK API Wrapper ( and launch a few other projects.


  • Mechanism: True Block Weight
  • Payouts: Daily
  • No minimum payout
  • 80% goes to voters
  • 20% reserved for covering infrastructure and development costs

In terms of tech, there’s 1 DigitalOcean droplet for DEVNET and 2 DO droplets for MAINNET

Written by

CEO at Pocketo

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