Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Tutorial

Jobeet is a great tutorial wrote by the Symfony team to help you learn how to use the framework by building a fully functional job board website. It was wrote for Symfony 1.x version and I want to adapt it for Symfony 2.8 (currently this is the long-term support version).

In the following weeks I will begin to post the parts of making the Jobeet website using Symfony 2.8, so it will help beginners to learn and understand how the framework works. I will try to follow the original Jobeet tutorial, but I will also make some changes to include new technologies and to reflect my personal developing style.

Please be free to make any observations and improvements you consider important by commenting on the posts that will follow.

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 1: Starting up the Project

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 2: The Project

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 3: The Data Model

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 4: The Controller and the View

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 5: The Routing

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 6: More with the Model

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 7: Playing with the Category Page

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 8: The Unit Tests

Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Day 9: The Functional Tests

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