There are a plethora of issues that one might encounter when creating and maintaining large-scale (Web) Applications, each one of which must be tackled with care.

We have created constructs such as automated testing, build tools such as gulp/webpack, brilliant frameworks like Angular, React, …

All of which are great tools that I encourage anyone to use and integrate into their development cycles, however, these tools only allow us to work faster, not smarter. They are the foundations on which we build our apps, the core around which everything revolves.

JITI (Just in time information) is an architecture, that could be used as a sort of mortar to greatly reduce code complexity, maintainability and the inherent learning curve that most (if not all) large-scale applications entail. …


vermeulen peter

nMCT & Devine Alumni. Lead designer and FrontEnd at Skedify. Sees himself as a creative 'relatively young' mind that lives on the digital frontier

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