Technology’s new slave.
Jerry Koh

Your demographic is confusing; you talk about 40–60 year olds but then about the parent of a 5 year old — who’s more likely to be in the 20–40 demographic and so at a completely different technical demographic.

But that aside, being a parent I felt it important to stand up for that parent and others like her. You see, being a parent is hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve got an astrophysics degree and have been on army assault courses. They were easy compared to being a parent.

You just saw a snapshot of that parent’s day. Possibly the first moment she’s been able to sit down since her child woke up at 5am, after a potentially broken nights sleep. You didn’t see the hours after with relentless playing, running around, while trying to keep the house tidy, get healthy food into the child, helping out with homework (particularly of there are older kids too, but here even 5 year olds get homework). I could go on.

Being a parent is a relentless 24/7 job and sometimes you need a break. For me that break is either spent at work (often worrying about the children I’m getting a break from) or say chatting on Facebook (often with other mothers getting advice, or catching up with friends I no longer get to see because I have kids now). And yes, sometimes it means ignoring the kids for a little while because otherwise I’d go crazy because I don’t get weekends off or holidays.

So before you criticise parents with their head in their phones you might want to experience the joys, and the lows, of being a parent.