The Major Benefits Of CCTV Drain Inspection For Homeowners In New Zealand

Drain Ninjas
Mar 22, 2018 · 2 min read

CCTV drain inspection offers several varying benefits for homeowners in New Zealand. A CCTV (closed circuit television) is a camera that’s utilized to execute complete drain and pipe inspections. This is quite crucial because not using it causes some problem areas to be missed and further damage could result. This tool makes it quite easy to get a truly clear picture of happenings inside plumbing systems and the guesswork could be eliminated from discovering and fixing broken or blocked drains. Here are some major benefits of the tool.

Fast diagnosis

Probably, the most fascinating is that it provides the quickest way of getting down to the cause of any issue. Instead of having to rule out varying potential causes one after the other, camera inspections speed up the process and enable you to pinpoint the problem just as soon as the camera gets lowered into the drain.

Accurate diagnosis

One other major benefits of drain inspection is that, apart from the diagnosis being quick, it is also very accurate. As the plumbing professional is able to view the problem with his own eyes, he no longer needs to utilize his best guess to formulate a probable solution as is obtained when drain inspections are not used for diagnosis. You will instantly understand whether the drainage issues are as a result of a clog, broken pipe, tree root, or any other plumbing problem. This feature alone more than makes up for any CCTV drain inspection cost you pay.

Cost savings

The speed and real accuracy of using a camera diagnosis translates into your ability to significantly save money. Instead of paying a professional plumber several times as he tries several varying methods to discover the issue, you will just pay for the diagnosis once and once alone. You will also not be stuck with paying for ineffectual solutions, as the appropriate solution will certainly be very clear right from the beginning.

Permanent solutions

Drain inspections also offer permanent solutions. Again, this saves you significant time and money, and also offers true peace of mind as you will be certain that the problem has been properly taken care of. Once the issue has been appropriately identified, it can then be appropriately rectified, which means that less problems will be caused down inside the track, and you will not need to summon another serviceman in possibly just another week’s time.

Diagnosis of varying issues

The inspection camera has the capability for identifying several varying problems like jammed drains, tree root obstructions, pipe deterioration, foreign objects causing blockages, broken or cracked drains, squashed pipes, and failed pipe-linings. Alternatively, a drain inspection could be utilized to effectively outline the drainage pipes that are installed throughout any property.

Finally, CCTV drain inspection cameras are fascinating to all homeowners as they are quite non-invasive and they do not need much disruption in the home. They do not need poking or digging within your pipes to discover the source of any issue. It’s just a camera that simply gets sent down into your drain and it does all of the needed work.

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