Drake Cooper/Studio Gets Scrappy for Production During the New Normal

Anyone that works in photography and video production will tell you that working with limitations is the rule of the game. Even when there’s not a global pandemic. During the recent stay-at-home order we had to get even more agile and adapt to produce work while complying with government orders.

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Behind-the-Scenes during COVID-19 | ICCU Shoot

Production is rooted in teamwork — typically in close quarters for long hours. When the pandemic hit the US, we were met with one immediate question: How do we safely proceed without halting all production?

We embraced the challenge early on to support the safety and health of our team, extended crew, and our clients. We wanted to responsibly handle the current situation while instilling confidence for clients that they can get their visual messages out during a turbulent time. Even as states are re-opening, there’s still a demand for solutions that maintain a heightened level of safety. …


Drake Cooper/Studio


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