Pure Writer 3.0 - Never Lost Content Editor

Mar 14, 2018 · 4 min read

Pure Writer is an app that is dedicated to providing a fastest, excellent writing experience without losing content. When you look at the feedbacks in the Google Play Store for Pure Writer from users all over the world, you can find a large number of users exaggerating praise for Pure Writer, such as “have never used such a good app,” “the most satisfied App “,” “Love this app”, “Great”… As the only developer of this application, it is really gratifying…

One day in the end of June 2017, after experiencing various text-missing events caused by other editor applications and experiencing a variety of unsatisfactory and rough writing products, I was determined to develop such a application to obtain peace of mind, provide writing assistance, and actually designing and developing from the perspective of an author.

Prior to this, I was responsible for independently developing a new editor for the “Zi” application during my spare time. At that time we spent a lot of effort on the rich text editor. Although we finally failed to implement a high-performance rich text editor that we were satisfied with on Android, in the process I invented many unique and useful technologies. Those technologies are more than enough to develop a pure text editor.

So Pure Writer was born. It started with a perfect line spacing and segment spacing function on Android and achieved full system compatibility and native performance. This is a unique technique for Pure Writer. In addition to Microsoft’s Office Word, it is difficult for you to find an editor that supports segment spacing and stable line spacing on mobile phones. And Office Word’s installation package is a few times to Pure Writer.

In addition to the unique segment spacing, Pure Writer also provides “Starting to enter the editing page immediately” and a unique “history record” function. Especially the historical record function, actually as a writer, I know that the historical record function is really important. It allows you to have a rare sense of peace of mind when writing, and Pure Writer will ensure that your content will never be lost. Even if you mistakenly delete the text, or instantly power off, you will still be able to recover it from history. The advantage of this is that everyone can pause and resume writing at any time, and with the soft keyboard status recording and recovery, switching back and forth will make people feel particularly smooth and comfortable.

In addition, Pure Writer also supports “quick shortcut bar” and “formatting tools”. The quick shortcut bar allows users to define shortcut words and phrases; the formatting panel can help users quickly adjust the format of the articles, for example, between Chinese and English. Automatically insert spaces, or automatically indent adjustments and more.

In addition to achieving these remarkable features, Pure Writer has also worked hard on the details of the experience, it has a perfect keyboard response logic. When using Pure Writer, you can quickly slide down the page or shortcut bar to collapse the soft keyboard; after clicking on a certain line of the article, you can dynamically obtain the appropriate cursor focus position; when you close the soft keyboard, the article will keep your position… Many of these details, when you compare the use of other editor Apps, you will find Pure Writer is better and nice.

As for the base functions of an editor, Pure Writer has not fallen, such as automatic paragraph indentation, long picture generation, floating word count, undo/redo, Markdown, paper, fingerprint lock, night mode, word association, fast scroller, save as files, and so on. But even then, Pure Writer still maintains a simple and concise design style. It follows Material Design, and I also painted an icon like a Doraemon’s Time Machine, meaning that words can connect to the past, and thinking about the future. It is also responds to the “history record” function provided by Pure Writer.

Today, the development of Pure Writer has submitted 1000 code commits, and the code has changed more than 100,000 lines. It took almost all my spare time, but I am very happy that more and more people have told me that they are particularly fond of this application. I am very enthusiastic about communicating with users, collecting feedback, and constantly improving. This made me feel more happy than ever and wanted to come and do something that was meaningful and worth investing for a long time.

Thanks to all the friends that have supported and helped me in this process. Without you, this application can’t be done better step by step, and it won’t be able to maintain the update for a long time. That’s great… And so today I can finally write such an article introduces the original intentions of Pure Writer, and its many “great features”, hoping to make more people aware of this product, and we hope that we can record more moving and leave more memories in the years of our lives. May the words take us through time, connect with the past, and think about the future.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drakeet.purewriter

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