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When I was in my twenties, I had an opportunity to do a mountain bike exertion that would involve quite a distance for the entire day. The plan was to bike all morning, stop for lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon heading back to camp. I wasn’t exactly in the most exceptional shape when I was asked to join this exertion. I wasn’t unhealthy or overweight by any means, but my cardio and stamina weren’t exactly marathon-worthy. I loved the idea of being someone who could make a long-haul mountain bike trip and could have easily pictured myself getting into something like that, but what one imagines and what is reality are two different things. I knew if I would have any chance of surviving the trip, I needed to get some real experience under my belt. So I trained for a few months before the actual camp and became quite good at it. …


Drake De Long-Farmer

Follower of Jesus, husband, father of four, & Executive Pastor at Here are my musings on leadership, faith, life, and being #AddictedToHope!

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