My Name is Drake and I am an Impostor.

Who am I? What makes me stand out from the crowd? How could I ever be successful in the sea of talent around me? These are questions that have plagued my past careers to the point of burnout. In previous jobs I worked tirelessly to accomplish goals that seemed so simple for others, or be reluctant to try something new because I was not an expert in it. I never thought about what they did to get to that point and the challenges they faced. I would hardly ever ask for help, nor would I give myself credit for my small successes. I would constantly feel like a failure for what I hadn’t completed. These toxic thoughts bled into my everyday life making me feel like a failure.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and learned about impostor-syndrome did it became clear that I am an impostor. However, I believe everyone at some point is an impostor. We are all on the same mission to reach the finish line. Nobody wakes up and says today I am going to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a software developer. There is a series of ups and downs that we all go through to get to that point of success.

Going forward I am going to celebrate my small successes, and surround myself with supportive individuals that push me to my full potential. For example, my victories this week are dialing down my responsive websites, receiving positive feedback on my progress in school and using javascript to manipulate input from the user to do simple calculations. Although small, these victories are tools to developing my coding repertoire in order to be a great front-end developer. I am optimistic for what next week brings and I can’t wait to celebrate more small victories and assist my classmates with this struggle as we become front-end developers.