Rolex and Omega: A Century of Competition

This is one of the summer belongs to the fans.All things being equal “adversaries” have come together again for the NBA in the final stage of incandescence. Recently the Brazilian Civil Aviation Unit, flight delays severely opened up and 88 for the airport to get ready for the guests, “We Are One” for the World Cup; the harmony of the ineluctable fixture list in the simple abbreviation VS of the kind of showdown.Wait for it in four years of the World Cup curtain is slowly pulled apart.Come out and fight for the glory!

Despite the team to the state itself, with different inter — brand competition.Early went to Hong Kong when they heard locals said with a smile, Rolex and Omega of the counter edge does not as such, up straw men to state that I also was a table not far astray can sniff out a thing or two.Regardless of the manner of business marketing strategy, Let’s take a look at these two brands in the centennial history of uniting with, their respective share in the competing process.

Observatory Controversy

Rolex by Hans 1908 performs brand registration.Brand it in precise timepiece on stepped forward briskly, as early as 1910, Rolex became the first Swiss horological Bill won the official rating Swiss timepiece center to issue the certificate.Four years later, British KEW observatory awarded the Rolex, the grade A, at the time, this level generally is a marine chronometer to obtain and test requirements: tough.Since then, Rolex became the symbol of precise timepiece.

In 1928 Prince table

In 1933 became a series of prince) table, carrying the prince launched during those early years of the core, due to possessing greater balance with the barrel and all movement by azimuth adjusting some even 6, 7, 8 of the orientation of the set — up, perhaps the earliest observatory qualities of products.So it was redesigned in 2005 to resurface the Prince why own a series of core observatory, attributed to the Cellini series as well as let Cellini series first appear in history only Observatory watches.Because the prince, always to the precise characteristics of the road.

Rolex Observatory of super weapon that’s the wobbler

Early sales of Rolex, automate in the core of the research and development and a fixture in the tournament until, when all of the outlets are also experimenting with ways to allow on the one hand on the chain is more simple and effective, the brand has been developed in 1931 — the world’s first 360 — degree view of the automatic winding mechanism, and applied for several patents.In the patent, under the protection of the automaton — like core unconsciously to continue building a precise standard Observatory, a survey of the class described in the column at the time of the movement “or no observatory” annotation, “mounted such movement of the bubbles (bubble) and the back — back Prince — table is representative of an accurate timepiece.

In the 1960s, Swiss watch is Rolex.

Compared to Rolex, in 1848 by Louis Brandt founded Omega although debut earlier than a Rolex, but watch it until 1940, proportions that have appeared in the observatory’s record.But in its famous dictum of Omega 19 of distribution feeders in networks with movement on the basis of a questionnaire handed over another, it is the 30T2 movement, appeared on the scene and created a variety of record, has become a classic.From this point onwards, the Observatory of flashing a light, It’s all happening.Soon 30T2 is reformed into the automaton core, 3 core, although it was only hit, though in correspondence to the constellation of the 1952 debut of the series, this series is the main offensive.With the Rolex 360 degree automatic Tuo’s patent expired in 1948, the 5 — series perfect replica Omega movement thereupon mounted 360 — degree automatic Tuo menacingly.Late into the Omega to the constellation known accuracy against the Rolex series throughout the 1960s, it exceeded Rolex chronometer, self — made 5 — series to 7 series of high quality and taste makes Omega Observatory overlord.If these two competitors had the rest of the Observatory watch brand became the two hegemons.

An electronic timepiece era of polarization

No one can deny that the storm had the entire quartz clock and watch making deep wounds inflicted, and the above — mentioned observatory, and quartz in the storm, the umpire announced in 1968, shortly after, the Japanese won the Commission they can feel the pressure, is entirely stopped hosting the contest for a hundred years of the observatory.

Omega f8192

For a Rolex and Omega’s rival, also in quartz storm has selected a different trend.It is said that today’s selection, lead to future of no choice.Is too visible.But hindsight, maybe it was accurate to win the world by the Omega, the precise aim of the project development and production, is extremely high.Brand as early as 1964 began the development of the electronic timepiece.In that year many of the great brands of the group consisting of beta — quartz movement developed in the ranks, Rolex and Omega have played an indispensable role.As the masterpiece of the famous BETA21 movement, Omega developed based on the formula shows f 8192 movement, even after in pursuit of more refined and more accurate road so effortlessly developed with frequency of. 359. 296 Hz resonator package, i.e. 4MHz movement, while its mechanical movement is waning.

Watch Rolex, despite contributing to the development of the quartz movement, and were not used in large scales in this was not yet widely through authentication of the movement, the portion of the quartz movement were placed in service after a long period of test, at the same time, throwing out the mechanical movements of production and, in the period of the birth of the quartz of the excellent mechanical movement is still a minority, of the conservative Rolex let it selects and old rival replica Omega different path.

After the assembly came a glorious, quartz storms at the end of the 1990s became Omega of decline, decay.Rolex but soon again begins to rise rapidly, at an advantage.

catching on and coaxial with fate

After the failure of collectivization management, market positioning and re — examine the ‘Omega has started a new round of adjustment.In 1999 out of Cal. Cal 2,500 to. on the basis of the core member 1120 movement escapement was changed in 1890, 2500 core firmly through four stages of continuous improvement.As a minnow to catch a type of after — market fit, and in 2007 began to bring about a qualitative leap in the revolutionary movement of self — made coaxial Cal. 8500 / 8501 of let Omega eventually completed the turnaround is taking hold.From the movement mechanism to the material selection, convey their desire to return to the fray.As for the coaxial movement of evaluation reports and with the Rolex movement of various ratio will not be repeated here.

With regard to the coaxial escapement in the travel — time accuracy on the contribution and there is no specific data is confirmed, and the movement of the advanced technology is not solely determined by the escapement, is coaxial to the lubrication requirement of reduction is able to have more and more long — term maintenance cycle, after the launch of a silicon hairspring Si14 even enjoyed a four — year after — sales service, brand marketing has become the effective driving force.

A coaxial movement as the fulcrum, Omega began in the market.

the twenty — first century of the contest

In the decade of post — glacial quartz after the storm, the snow melts.In the 21st century technology to promote the development of society, but also the development of the industry.Core of upgrading and upgrading gradually.

Rolex on the accuracy of the hairspring in pursuit, have kept a low profile and conservative.Novel alloy of hairspring debut did not make it to the sky and a loud noise, but silence in some models in its initial market testing of systems by degrees after being used.

Same goes for Damper Para flex, a version of the original KIF suspension shock damping effect is increased by 50% or more.In the selection of shockproof brand, Rolex initially selects the Incabloc ® stalwarts Omega different KIF. Into the 21st century, Omega also began to make use of new — type shock absorbents, the lift movement of the seismic capacity.

Regarding anti-magnetic watch, is not a new era of product.As early as 1958, the Rolex series prior to over-molding, there are a lot of anti-magnetic watch production, Omega has also launched its series of anti-magnetic watch before entering the market. It has accumulated.This did not just get good market repercussion of heterogeneous products last even quietly disappeared.The twenty — first century, Rolex are leading the charge, the series with redesigned packaging with a return to the market, as the lightning with the needle 1000 Gauss anti-magnetic performance due to good market repercussion.Omega while also playing second fiddle, since early last year launched the anti-magnetic up to 15,000 Gauss Cal. 8508 core, bee stung the needle to the needle lightning, firm company in the true anti-magnetic watch as a booth, which popularized from the initial to the final of the anti — cure from the essence of the problem — solving to reach anti-magnetic effect of new weapons.Omega, who seems to be a crowd — pleaser, 2008 Si14 silicon material of the release spring 2013 anti-magnetic watch, until this year’s promotion of Basel to co-axially, in the era after Omega coaxial material using a combination of technology and realized the anti-magnetic watch production.Arch — rival, the conservative Rolex finally unable to bear, and also a low — key demonstration at Basel this year launched a silicon hairspring, conservative ecru still refuse to do so, a low — key with a Cal. 2236 in movement from the initial number of plots on “Day — just on the drilling table, too, and he wasted no time in recent years will be of a silicon material with a good job on the Omega, also began experimenting with different materials in the member states of the application.

And one must mention the topic is the cramming process.Rolex from 2005 began the centralization process, until 13 years of bi-color Inter ring and this year’s cola — Color ring technology on color from dark to bright, from monochrome to color, within a few years achieved an industry leading level.Old rivals Swiss ETA Omega. How can we give up this wonderful opportunity to compete in the market share and thus also at the beginning of the year issued with orange ceramic ring of the seahorse series sea universe wristwatch, that touch of bright orange is impressive, moving on to the World Cup ocean of orange, the Dutch believe fans will love.

There is the unlikelihood of a Celebrity

Celebrity is the generalized the herd mentality.So many people choose this product. I’d like to have a try?

Many of the president is also the brand’s celebrity supporters.But to use celebrity endorsements and events by myself on this one, the Omega is a more bold and direct.

In Table Speedmaster with Apollo series by the whole world, people forget the Rolex in the aerospace field.In fact in the table of aerospace research and development, two of the same effort and welcome.Rolex GMT was born “comes from the cooperation with Pan Am for, i. e., becomes official chronograph wristwatch, even in many of the astronaut’s mouth, Rolex is a popular day — to — wear brand.Sky after Omega to inject more capital and funding for research and advocacy to create the perfect super series.

As the Olympic partner, Omega before the Winter Olympics in Sochi on that occasion again took hold of the CCTV channels, creative advertising tie — in songs, snippets of conversation between the “Omega coaxial, mechanical movements and extraordinary piece of work” this concise words again support.Thus.

In addition, James bond of choice has always been interesting topics.Rolex and Omega takes the baton, and successfully became the sixth premier James bond 007, Daniel Craig wears the Omega hippocampus exit the brand of silent propaganda, Omega and even specifically builds the model commemorative 007, 007 seven bit small gun chart captured how many fans and fans of the heart.

George Clooney, Nicole Kidman to international, has joined forces with celebrity Omega constantly telling me.

The cruises became Breitling’s initial endorsement, attracting many of the people and saying: “He was hooked, and his entire family are Laura fans!Rolex as a new era — — table of representative, naturally won the favorite of celebrities, especially sports, tourism and business celebrities who lit up.But does not specify a Rolex spokesperson for the brand, and there is no over — spread advertisement, seemed calm in the Rolex of understated looks, like you wear, the more people is in itself the best product endorsements and Acceptance, which were naturally through word of mouth.Selling of Huan is power, and there is no need for advertising.

Briefly pre — owned market

One cannot ignore is the secondary market.Good second — hand market is market sales booster for the development of the idea of buying them back at a table and can implement even as a trading currency hedging, who doesn’t want to buy one, just for fun to buy — — that’s even that doesn’t have no regrets.

Though it is currently on Rolex and Omega to far less popular.Rolex; that it should wish to thank all the buyers, I should thank Italy Table of crazy fans, secondhand prices pushing hand is the earliest of cute and crazy fans.As the auction rooms, which is essential for the regulars, no advantage as compared to the number of the Omegas, Rolex at almost the price of the item and even share can account for a majority of the good works of art, auction rate and strong natural Auction companies willing to trawl the bustle thereby forming good circulation.

Rolex and Omega, it has always inspired people and put together by the interest, let alone the brand itself.Conversely, the centennial competition and it’s better to Solitude.In the century — long exploration and evolution, the two eventually form a distinctive brand DNA.For the problem of how to select, as a matter of fact, purely depends on personal preferences.Only benign and rational competition among competition makes brands go further.