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After a month into Trump’s four year (god help us) presidency one thing has emerged : constant and consistent wrong and erroneous ‘alternative facts’ (Bowling Green, Sweden come to mind,) and then doing an about face and calling the press liars and the American people’s enemy. • Trump, as with all U.S. presidents, is sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, the whole constitution and not just an amendment hear or a clause there. Furthermore the president’s legal obligation to uphold the Constitution does not necessarily outweigh his moral and ethical commitment to do so. • There is a Constitutional guarantee of a free and independent press. And it’s not enough for the president to accuse the press of lying or being the state’s enemy, he has the obligation to provide proof and substantiate his charges or he runs the risk of compromising his sworn duty to preserve, protect and defend the very document that gives him authority. The result is Trump showing preferential treatment to media outlets that support and favor the his presidency. • The broader implication of Trump’s press attacks puts him in an adversarial role with his obligation to defend the Constitution i.g., Trump’s admonishing the public to believe information coming only and directly from the White House. Common law gives the press a distinct and revered responsibility to act as a check and balance of government and of informing the public about the business of the government. • Without a free press, this republic’s democracy will be lost, and it’s the president’s sworn duty to defend not only the continued existence of a free press but its right to to so unencumbered by governmental interference. Trump’s outward and antagonistic hostility towards the press, his accusing the press of lying, his endorsing the White House in favor of the press for information and his display of preferential treatment towards favorable media outlets all call into question Trump’s effectiveness in carrying out the oath of office.