Don’t Just Remove, Replace

Certain things are holding us back.

Maybe you have people in your life that are toxic and dependent on your inferiority. Maybe you’re eating junk food all the time and it’s harming your health. Maybe you’re consuming content that it is not adding to the quality of your life.

Your first instinct will be to cut it all out. Get rid of the things that are affecting your life in a negative way. But this isn’t the final solution. Agree to cut everything out of your life that’s holding you back and you’ll find yourself cutting everything out of your life.

Just because you had a backstabbing friend, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek friendship anymore. Just because you used to eat junk all the time, doesn’t mean the solution is to not eat anymore. If you’re consuming content that is not valuable to you, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever consume content.

Don’t just remove, replace. Replace the toxic friend with friends that can support you in tough times. Replace that junk food with nutrition and conscious eating. Replace that click-bait content with content that challenges and stimulates you.

Just because you’ve had a bad experience with something, it doesn’t mean that something is inherently bad. You’re just doing it the wrong way. Friendship is valuable. Eating is valuable. Consuming content is valuable. But replace all the bad stuff with the right stuff.

Originally published at Drake Southwell.