What is Arcade XYZ

Arcade is a platform that works on Pawn Protocol that allows you to interact with your NFTs.Now you could Borrow, lend, and earn with your crypto assets. Arcade enables liquid lending markets for NFTs. The first product of the project is a peer to peer lending marketplace that allows NFT owners to unlock liquidity on baskets of NFTs on Ethereum

The Pawn Protocol is an infrastructure for NFT liquidity. It enables the financialization of non-fungible assets, commonly referred to as NFTs. They represent a natural evolution of storing value and attributing ownership for unique assets.

Asset Wrapping. Now you are able to wrap all your NFTs in one basket. Transform all your NFTs from one collection into one and also save a lot of gas

Borrowing. Borrow a crypto asset on your own terms. You decide what the load duration and interest percentage will be.

Lending. As a lender, you can explore new loan requests that require funding. You could decide where you want to lend your money

Arcade is backed and trusted by world-class investors such as Pantera; Castle Island ventures; GoldenTree and others. Recently the project raised 15 million dollars

WebSite https://www.arcade.xyz/

WhitePaper https://docs.arcade.xyz/docs/introducing-arcade

Discord https://discord.gg/t8tQeERV

Twitter https://twitter.com/arcade_xyz

Medium https://arcadexyz.medium.com/



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