Success and Complains, Complains, Complains. Fuck that!

Really, day in day out I hear people complaining about not being able to achieve their dreams! Do you know what I normally answer when people approach me for help? Well. I don’t! I actually ask them a simple question: What have you done today, yesterday, the day before that works toward your dream? 
 You might already imagine most answers, but quickly typing it down, the average answer is “Nothing, cause I don’t know where to start”.

Wow, I did actually get some statistics down. So statistically there are 2 types of people. The doers and the followers. The doers just start, no matter how and where, hustle to spend their time on the topic in question. The followers on the contrary, just don’t get things together. 
 So what should you tell the second category of people. Crap, you are just not the type of person that will be able to be an entrepreneur? Just stay at home, do nothing, you’ll spend your time better by watching TV? 
 This brings me to motivation. Nowadays few people are really driven to succeed in whatever they have planned to come to success. What is success? Achieving your personal goals without minding the opinion of people in your closer or further surrounding. What the fuck do you care on what people think about your idea? Actually don’t. Just go for it. Hustle. Proceed. Use every minute of your day to pursue your goals. 
Never complain. Get a grips and push — if you think you are pushing — push harder. Also never expect success to come Day 1. It might take years. Don’t stop. Keep going. 
 Really, complains are strictly speaking for pussies. A man pursues, goes for it, never complains.

The road to success
Stop complaining. Fuck, just go for it and push harder. Success will come!
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