Before you go public speaking please read this…

Why should you “read what I have to write?

Well, I’m just a regular guy that prepares like if I were to give MLK’s “I have a dream speech” everytime I speak in front of people.


Before you go out to speak, these are 3 things you should do…

1) Think about what is the main idea of the talk and what stories surround it?

Usually I spend a week thinking about the topic I will talk about. I get very receptive to all that I read, all movies I watch, and all quotes I read. The stories we share in talks are everywhere around us, the unicerse speaks, but you have to ba able to listen. Finally, I pick 3 stories that are unrelated to the main idea and to each other but I find a way to pick out a minor idea that will add to the major one.

2) Write the talk word by word and be selective about the wording you will use

I write a talk down because it gives me a sense of control over my ideas, if not I get frustrated when I get on stage and I start talking about 100 unrelated things, that probably don’t make sense. I am very selective with my wording. It’s not the same to say: They killed my dad, as opposed to my dad was assassinated; My mother was there for me, as opposed to Mami, as I called my mother was always there for me. Be selective of your wording.

3) Practice the talk as if it was your “presidential” speech

Like Eric Thomas says: “Practice don’t make perfect, it makes permanence.” For example, you have been driving down the same road for 1 year, and by now there’s times when you get home and don’t even remember how or when you drove down that same road. Therefore, practice and repetition will engrain the mechanics of your talk into your brain and physiology in a way that when the show comes up, it happens innately.

Remember, eveything you need is inside of you…

These are tips to remove obstacles, so that your talks happen smoothly and flawlessly.

Andrés Juliá

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