If you think about how embarrassing you are, objectively, you will never get anything done. This is why my resume is basically empty.

Also the only way I can think of getting a job is basically going up to someone who has a job that looks doable and asking them for it. If I could, I’d ask the guy at the American Center library for his. He seems happy and only slightly suicidal. He also doesn’t talk much. How lovely. It’s a good thing I don’t eat much because I need to prepare for a life of Very Little Food. I can do this because I hate food with all of my being. Food. Ugh. See?

But I really do need things like reasonably good shampoo and body lotion and creams. And deodorant. And new underwear, occasionally. I already have a sort of ok wardrobe and a box to put it in so I’m all set in that direction for a while. Maybe I should buy a tent so I save on rent and although this seems to have the advantage of mobility, Sri Lanka is a terrible country to do that in. It’s very dirty. The pavements are uneven. And there are cows on the roads. Tents are an untenable position, therefore.

I would also need electricity. And an internet connection. For without the internet I am nothing. Well, nothing-er.

Clearly everything is doomed.

Ah, I don’t know anymore. A Person happened. Tch.

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