Using minimally invasive technique in knee replacement surgery

You might fall into the situation of knee replacement surgery if you are experiencing the following symptoms.

  • Stiffness in knee
  • Severs pain in knee during you day to day activity
  • When medication or other treatment is working in your favor
  • Any serious injury occurs due to accident or fall
  • In the condition of severe osteoarthritis

The knee replacement procedure using minimally invasive surgery

The treatment of replacement is performed by the eminent knee replacement surgeons in India. Before starting the procedure the surgeon put the patient in a temporary sleep which literally means they put you under general anesthesia. Some knee replacement surgeons in Delhi give spinal or epidural anesthesia that numbs our body below the waist. It means the surgeon perform the operation without making the patient completely unconscious.

To perform the surgery knee replacement surgeons in India make about 8 to 12 inches cut in front of the knee. After that they remove the impaired part of the joint from the surface of the bones. The surfaces of the bones are then shaped by the knee replacement surgeon in Delhi to hold a metal or plastic artificial joint. Once it is completed the artificial joint is connected with the thigh bone, shin and knee cap. It is done either by using cement or a special material.

The surgery is done using the minimal invasive surgery technique which has eventually revolutionized the whole process of knee replacement surgery. The best thing about the minimal invasive surgery is that during the surgery the surgeon performs even some of the major surgeries without making large incision around the knee area.