Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 01.11.2019

There are shows this weekend and Friday is going to be largely concerned with getting myself to Indianapolis, so I’m planning to post the “Weakly Reader” a day earlier than usual. That show (Indianapolis, Friday, Jan. 11) by the way, is sold out; St. Louis on Jan. 12 is free and if you decide to come on down to that we’ll try to make it as fun as we can for you. Details are here.

— There is a tide: My apartment flooded this week, which was annoying and stressful, but not the catastrophe it could have been. The way it happened was, I heard a dripping / spraying sound under the sink and reached in to turn off the valve so I could investigate further, which valve and the corroded pipe to which it was tenuously attached came off in my hand and I was hit in the face with a torrent of water, which soon filled the kitchen and began rising up the slope to the higher rooms. There was a lot of important irreplaceable stuff at risk, the MTX tapes and guitars and stuff, and I managed to save it all. In the process, though I didn’t realize it till later, I banged myself up pretty spectacularly trying to address the problem. I noticed blood floating in the water that’s how I knew. The place looked like a crime scene in the end. Now it is weirdly, kinda back to normal, except that my hand is one big bruise at the moment.

Many people assumed the picture I posted was an actual photo of my apartment, but it was just an illustration grabbed from the internet (from an ad for flood insurance, I think, and mock-up or doll’s house as well, I think.)

At any rate, the struggle continues.

And, herewith, here was my week, with associated links.

Mtx forever

— The Mtx forever compilation project is ongoing and continuing, and if you haven’t voted yet for your favorites you can still do so here. Soon we may also ask for sequencing advice as well, so stay tuned for that. I really appreciate all the participation and comments, I must say. You’ve been surprisingly engaged and serious about it and it genuinely feels like we’re in it together. Thanks.

—This week’s Medium post was a compendium of comments left in the box at the bottom of the Mtx forever voting form, with responses, a new top ten, updates…

— further comments, posted at random: Joseph; Dan;

— LK 180, Revenge Is Sweet and so Are You, reel 2, including “You Alone” which was replaced by “I Don’t Need You Now” in the final edit. I rant a bit about labelling, and there is discussion of the question: “Hell of Dumb” vs. “Sorry for Freaking out on the Phone Last Night”? The first seems to be the winner but only just.

— Your Þunresdæg “You Today”. Some guy on the internet playing a pretty nice, basic version of my old song… and on the covers playlist it goes.


— I vaguely remember doing this fanzine interview along with Aaron, probably sometime ‘91-ish, that was posted on facebook. Worth it for the love poem.

— A line from a Yesterday Rules out-take called “Disaster’s Recipe”, and it’s pretty good. If and when we do a YR re-issue, we’ll probably include this and another unfinished track, which contains the title, btw.)

— A band called Smashcut, covering “I Just Wanna Do It with You”. And therein lies a tale.


— Good morning, world: Vernon Harrel — “Slick Chick”; Jimmie Heap & His Orchestra — “Gismo”.