Still don’t know how not to be a wreck

The Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 1.10.2020

Frank Portman
Jan 10 · 5 min read

Hell, friends, and well, come to another Doctor. Frank Weakly Reader, that is. Ennui, misanthropy, Weltschmerz, and anomie. I don’t need to tell you, I do it really well…

Here’s what was what last week, all the stuff that was done, at least by me. I do this every week as an attempt to bring some searchable order to the social media chaos and to render that chaos at least somewhat searchable. Additionally, I started doing it a ways back and now that it has been established I am superstitiously loath to discontinue it, lest I anger the gods and bring forth from them some sort of dire imprecation. I mean, that sounds like something that could well happen so might as well stay on the safe side. It’s why I always touch the side of the plane as I enter and switch the station whenever a Phil Collins song comes on.

It does genuinely help with the searchability anyway. People put work into writing and curating “content” that can’t be found a few weeks later and don’t seem to mind but that just seems crazy to me. Anyhow, on with the “show”…


— Shows: lotsa folks want us to play in their town which is nice. We’ll see what we can do.

Mtx forever: this is no dream, this is really happening — news coming up very soon. Kind of a surreal feeling to be honest.


— I hate to disappoint you all, but this ain’t us:

This track has turned up on Spotify as our “latest release.” I think there’s a Latin music DJ or producer who goes by the name MTX and the Spotify database gimcrackery matched us up incorrectly. Or something like that. Pretty funny. One guy on the Dummy Room page said: “quite hard to not be better than the last couple albums to be fair.” I don’t think he was kidding actually but it’s still pretty funny.

A similar thing happened a couple years back (scroll down at the link to “Welcome to the Future”):

In that case it was an electronica band called MTX (I don’t think it’s the same one, but I suppose it could be.) And as now it reminded me of the Scharpling & Wurster “Old Skull” sketch.

This is how the band should have sounded all along…

— Song for Odin — after a couple of weeks off, the inaugural Song for Odin post of 2020 was “I Don’t Need You Now” from a 2006 solo Dr Frank show in an Italian cemetery:

Read all about it here. And if you’re interested in the Revenge Is Sweet and so Are You master reels, vis a vis this song, there’s some stuff about it here.

And here’s the Songs for Odin playlist.

— I threw you back for Thursday with that “Are You Experienced?”-themed BAM magazine cover image, ca. 1997:

— Our man Klode: the original image is here, but Klode, being Klode, MTX-icized it:


— …and your Friday morning “Two of Us”: not a cover this time, but just a sweet video, found on the internet:

It’s nice because it’s real (how often can you say that?)… and on the MTX / Dr Frank Miscellany playlist it goes!


— My rockin niece, Anona

— My rockin self, Dr Frank: here I am on stage with a chair and some purple lights, with my buddy Alex, and here in Bergamo, Italy, same location as the Song for Odin show detailed above, ten years later.

photo by Stefano Bevilaqua

— Hayek for dummies: this would have been quite funny enough without the comments, but the comments push it into something like apotheosis:

— Dept. of bons mots:

Community: a social cluster wherein the strong can join forces and coordinate efforts to prey upon the weak and to enforce conformity with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

— When cops lie about people trying to run them over: two cases of attempted vehicular homicide that simply didn’t happen. New post on Medium.

— Go ahead, Spotify, stab yourself repeatedly and make it count: one my most-read posts on Medium, on soft censorship and socio-therapeutic manipulation on “the platforms” and it makes for bad libraries.

— I played “Thinking of You” on my trusty old country twangin’ micro jammer for the entertainment interlude after dinner at Second Christmas this year. It’s quite a difficult instrument to play, but the audience was kind.

2nd Christmas Feast of Kings


— Roman calendar: Saturday of Our Lady; Holy Name of Jesus; Epiphany; Raymond of Penyafort; Severinus of Noricum; Andrea Corsini; Peter Orseolo

— Behold: Peace of cake; in dreams; pulp hippies, presented without comment; behind the art; just KISS playing cards like a bunch of dogs

— …and finally:


—The Devil Went Down to Georgia White Trash Washing Machine Cover:


— Buck Henry died. Funny fellow.

— Elizabeth Wurtzel died as well. She was a unique person, a controversial personality, and a powerful writer. I knew her just slightly. RIP, kid.

— Don’t look back…: too soon, perhaps:


And that’ll just about do it for the Weakly Reader this time around, but for those of you who’ve managed to make it all the way down the page this far, well, cheers.

See you next week.

Frank Portman

Written by

I am Dr. Frank. I write books and songs. Mtx Forever.

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