The Dr Frank Weakly Reader for 11.02.2018

Happy All Souls’ Day, one and all.

Once again, I have auto-indexed my stuff from the past week. You probably missed at least some of it, even if you were deliberately checking my pages, because the platforms hide things. And everything on the internet gets lost in the shuffle after a few days, but at the very least this is a list in case I or anyone else might want to find something in the future. To re-iterate, I use as my home base for posting, and share from there to various other places, who do with it what they will. Minds doesn’t hide, censor, delete, or manipulate things like all the other platforms do, so if you want to see the unvarnished truth of what I post, that’s the place to go.

And away we go,..

— Thanks to all who ordered Andromeda Klein stuff. It was a fun little thing and something I’ve always wanted to do. Ordering is officially closed, but I imagine you might be able to sneak in an order if you act quickly before the link goes away.

— And speaking of which, our own Lauren Banjo celebrated Hallowe’en in her own inimitable style, with twin jackolanterns, an Andromeda Klein one and a Women Who Love Them one. Scary stuff, kids!

— Playing a solo show this month, part of the “Sad Bastard Club” singer-songwriter series at the Make Out Room. Guest curator/host is Bradley Skaught of the Bye Bye Blackbirds, and along with him and me there’ll be Sylvie Simmons and Will Gorgantas. Should be a good time. I plan to play some old favorites and test out some new stuff. Monday November 19, Make Out Room, 3225 22nd St., SF CA, 7:30, free. I’ll be there. Details here. Facebook event page here.


— The last remaining copies of the severely limited first pressing of MTX Shards vol. 1 & 2 are still findable out in the wild, if only you look. There will be more news to come on the Shards front, but in the meantime, the Sounds Rad suite of Shards products may still be found here. All I have to add is to say how gratifying it is to be told by so many people how good it sounds and how much they appreciate the fact that we’re doing this. It is nice that it is appreciated, because it really is a whole lot of work. We tried as hard as we could to get the best sounds possible considering the state of the material. It seemed worth doing, as a historical sort of thing, It nice to know people agree. So, thanks people. More to come,

— Interpunk has, at press time, both volumes of MTX Shards in stock and is offering free gifts with purchase. We’ve got more cool stuff in the works with our friends at Interpunk, so watch this space.

— Amoeba, too, has both volumes at stores and for web order.


— A minor note in the Great Tape Hunt: I’d thought the “Alternative Is Here to Stay” songs were 100 % lost, but recently discovered that “You Today” at least exists, because it was recorded on an ADAT tape, which I do have. Also I have a functioning machine, which is, according to our guy Dave Eck, rather hard to find. Gotta make some time to transfer it, plus all my old ADAT demos. Expect a more comprehensive Tape Hunt update soon.

— Minor Secrets of the Mr T Experience for Odin Revealed Part IX. In which I aggregate the past months “minor secrets” song write-ups.

— More Minor Secrets: The Mr T Experience — “Sackcloth and Ashes” live in Chicago, 2016. Video on YouTube; “minor secrets” here. More material of this ilk, if ilk means what I think it does, may be found here.

— Steve from 1234 Go Records found this old sticker in the sleeve of a copy of Making Things with Light. I’d basically forgotten about it, but subsequent discusion filled in some blanks. (1) It was also a shirt; (2) the image was drawn by Carrie (the Carrie listening to our cassette in her Corvette in Jon von’s “T Shirt Commercial” song) whom we met when we stayed at her art squat in Akron, OH when we played there in ’89, and who later moved to Oakland. (3) She also did the center label / CD imprint art for MTwL (which was also a shirt.) (4) Here’s Gabs Meline wearing one of the sticker image shirts long before he became MTX’s fourth bass player ca. 2000.


— Van Halen followed me.

— The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Not bad at all.

— in which I appreciate Johnny Moped’s Cycladelic album on the Vinyl Collector group.


— Good Morning World: Stompin’ Tom Connors — “Luke’s Guitar”; King Diamond — “Magic”; Ronnie Cook — “Goo Goo Muck”; Dixie — “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out”; MelSickScreamoAnnie — Megadeth “Tornado of Souls” guitar cover.


— RIP, Brain.

— plus: Hallowe’en Monster Dance Party; the case of the strategic skull; Go crusify yourself; a boy and his pumpkin; ouija cat (from the twitter feed of Crowley scholar Richard Kaczynski); frog among the pumpkins; a girl standing on skulls (art by Shane Pierce); the ladies have all the best looking secret unspeakable rites; ditto; she’s just a Devil woman; haunted house scape; main de Saint Quentin; the littlest monster; cowboy and monster class; choosy skeletons choose King Dork Approximately; skeleton spotted in the wild.

— Aftermath:


— “Should Scholars Avoid Citing the Work of Awful People?” No, but… sheesh.

— Fascinating background, new to me, on an iconic Eggleston photo.


— Your Friday morning “Sackcloth and Ashes,” from the infamous, legendary, unspeakable Grim Deeds. I’ve posted this before I know, but I’m running through the S&A covers I know of, plus, I love it so. HAILS.