Is liposuction the best way to get rid of cellulite?

Having cellulite can be frustrating and finding methods to reduce the appearance or remove it completely can be even more frustrating. Dr Ash Dutta discusses the effectiveness of liposuction in treating cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is very oestrogen…

Removing the fat from one area makes that area look better and trimmer. When we then follow it up by putting on weight by not maintaining your diet or exercise which you are supposed to do then fat will collect.

Because we have removed fat areas from the area where we did the liposuction then the new fat gets deposited in the areas where the liposuction hasn't taken place. It doesn't mean that you cant put on fat in those areas but its a relative accumulation of fat in the areas where we haven’t done the liposuction and that’s the problem.

Regenera by Dr Ash Dutta

Today, aesthetic medicine brings newer and more effective ways to both regenerate the skin and rejuvenate it. Thanks to aesthetic innovations, new and more effective ways of combating skin ageing, as well as hair loss and other aesthetic and health problems can be more readily sought. The current trend is…

Dr Ashish Dutta

I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon & the Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre. My personal website can be found at

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