Mozilla Localization Meetup — Kolkata, India

This year, 2017, There is series of workshop on localization held in different countries. For bn-BD, bn-IN, gu, hi, kn, mr, ne, or, pa si, ta, te locale — community workshop was held in Kolkata, India on 18–19 November.

It was invite based event where localizer from different locale around India(Bangladesh & Nepal) were invited to share their work progress in their respective community. Criteria is based on recent translation activity, leading/managing community l10n projects, new localizers with recent activity and a unique perspective, vocal participation in communication channels and Testing Pontoon. This workshop is organized by Jeff, Flod and Peiying Mo from l10n driver team.

We didn’t get any agenda for this event and was said to be theme will be unconference. I was pretty excited because I like to do things which is unplanned. It is like surprise. 👯 Our day one starts with introduction of Mozilla localization team including pontoon developers. I was aware about unconference theme but never experienced in real life.

No rigid agenda for two days workshop but we created it in half an hour exercise. 🙌 The process for deciding agenda for next two days is like — everyone will write topic on a board which they want to discuss with other community member lead by him or any l10n driver, And the top voted topic will get selected for next 2 days. Where each topic were allocated for 30 minutes. As we taken more than 30 minutes but it worth. 😉

The first very clear statement by Jeff “This workshop is for you— participant, It should not be like staff member will only speak and we will just sit back and listen, but It’ll be more collaborative discussion kind of workshop.” It makes me feel more open for informal discussion regarding l10n communities. Peying and flod did really good job as note taker. You can find all details on each topics we discussed on this etherpad.

Below are topics which were selected for workshop.

Day — 1

  • Mission and vision
  • Recruiting & training
  • How to know usage stats
  • Regular localizer appreciation
  • Leadership transition guidelines
  • Machine Learning + l10n
  • Developer tools localized or not?
  • Transvision and l10n tool performance

I learn recruiting and training for contributor plays vital role in shaping community. Till now localization contribution area is looks as translating strings and for non technical people, But now testing skill is also needed and it helps one to better understanding of language. It takes long time to do quality work in l10n. We had demo of transvision and I get to know that initially transvision is created for french language but later it become a helful tool for all languages. Mozilla is investing heavily in pontoon to make marketplace tool for localization. On localization of devtools topic, only 6% of developer need devtools in local language so think twice when you translate devtools.

Day — 2

  • Testing in pontoon
  • How to fix bug
  • Conflict management
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Pontoon API

Style guide is really helpful tools for act as third party match when translation conflict arise. We can always go back and refer that what we decided while making style guides. As we know pontoon API is at initial level. Roshan Gautam (contributor from np team)created telegram bot by use of pontoon API. Hence It’s proves Localization is not only non technical contribution area 😄 I am really glad to know Mack (contributor from bn-BD team) helps to give job his fellow contributors in localization. I was bit unsatisfied that only 3 women participant for this meetup. Hope number get increase not only in meetup but in overall localization domain. #womeninl10n

l10n stickers ❤

So this year what we expect from pontoon — There will be drastic change in UI , Robust pontoon profile and logs. Till now l10n team info is on wiki page but now we prefer it on pontoon team info section. There was small discussion on “when to request locale?”— Usually l10n drivers never denies if someone request to add their locale and start doing work on it but when language is under minority, very less number of users then It may advisable not to generate new locale for it. Thanks to Biraj Karmakar for being amazing host. Without your efforts this won’t be possible.

Want to get start with localization? Go to Pontoon, select language you know, Follow this guidelines, and read this documentation for know more.