Taking one last step,
I finally reached 
the top of the mountain
higher than the clouds.
And found him there,
sitting in his typical
nonchalant manner
as in my dreams
of thousand nights.

He was there
looking just the same
- humble and modest
yet so elegant
old and frail
yet quite indomitable…

I bowed in reverence
and submission.
With eyes still closed,
he looked at me:
his mind’s eye
penetrating my thoughts,
my soul,
my innermost core.
I sat down,
and closed my eyes.
He smiled…

“I know your query!
Your soul is thirsty
you seek after ‘God.
You want the truth, 
so I’ll tell you the truth: 
Listen to the secret sound, 
the real sound, 
which is inside you.”
I could see his face breaking
into a beatific smile
as he spoke.

“All know that 
the drop merges into the ocean,
but few know that
the ocean merges into the drop.”
He faded away.

Opening my eyes,
I silently stood up
to turn around
and take the first step
in my journey towards
self realization!

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