An advanced treatment for Fistula at Healing Hands Clinic…

Fistula is an abnormal communication between the anus and perianal skin. Healing Hands Clinic is a unique and specialty clinic for Ano-Rectal diseases. We are fully committed in offering patients the most current and advanced surgical and medical management right from prevention, detection of constipation and piles to its treatment, besides extending and improving the quality of the lives of these patients.

  • Dr. Ashwin Porwal, founder of Healing Hands Clinic and renowned fistula surgeon in Pune, introduces you to a new world which assures relief from ano rectal diseases. Erratic lifestyle, poor food habits, lack of physical activity and stress are the common factors that contribute to these syndromes. Recently Healing hands clinic, Fistula clinic in Pune has introduced Radio-frequency for the first time in the state for treatment of fistulas. Radio frequency is of great help in surgical treatment of fissures because of faster recovery and minimal pain.

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