Paid only for it’s capacity, not availability

A couple weeks ago, I read many news about cloud outages, amazon s3, biznet indonesia, dyn and recently was azure storage. Most case(s) are simple, yes they are in cloud environment, it’s very good, but they forgot, they still put all eggs in one basket.

Cloud(s) environment are very tricky

Have you ever plan replicate all your existing environment to another basket? Let’s say, amazon. Currently they have very limitations, regarding exporting existing environment to another cloud hosting/provider.

For example, ec2 instance on amazon web service limitations:

  • You can’t export an instance from Amazon EC2 unless you previously imported it into Amazon EC2 from another virtualization environment.
  • You can’t export an instance that has more than one network interface.
  • You can’t export an instance that has more than one virtual disk.

Those three points is very hurt (really). So why the heck they provide AWS Market Place if the instance can’t be exported or migrated to another basket?

3rd Party Support

I’ve tried migrating AWS EC2 to GCP using cloudendure, it was success if the ec2 instance previously imported from another virtualization environment, and it’s fail if you use images from amazon marketplace.

Existing Problems

Amazon, Azure and another cloud provider have capability to expand and increase on it’s environment. Yes, you pay only for his own territory. In the other hands, you can’t move to another basket, you just increase and replicate your own capacity in their own territory.


In fact, actually you just pay for it’s capacity, not availability. How can we say availability if only growth on it’s place.


Yet another and traditional method is, spread the service to another basket.

For example:

  • DNS on Google Cloud DNS, DYN, or another Cloud DNS provider
  • Object storage on Amazon S3 Buckets, Google Storage, etc
  • CDN on Cloudfront, Akamai
  • Compute on anycast network (your own network or prefixes, advertised to cloud provider using bgp peer)

Yes, it’s NOT cheap, but you got your high-availability and save your life.