The Myth of Anthony:

Dialogue with an Alien

[Continued from “A Tale of Alien Abduction”]

Part 4: Chatting with a Grey

“There were short aliens with big heads coming into the room. . . . Hmm? . . . I don’t know. I didn’t see a door or anything. They came to us, one for each person I think. I swear the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It was traumatic. I was never so scared in my life.

“My alien kept staring at me. . . . Yes, its eyes and head were pretty big. Its eyes were blacker than any black I’ve ever seen. . . . No, not like sunglasses. Maybe black like the depths of the ocean or like thick coffee. Its skin almost looked like dolphin’s skin. Grey and shiny-smooth. I didn’t see any ears on it, and I think there were slits where a nose should have been. And same with the mouth: a slit with no lips. But the mouth kept slowly opening and closing. I couldn’t tell what it was doing. Maybe it was breathing; its mouth reminded me of fish gills.

“Hmm? . . . Yeah, I remember something like clothes. It was white. Really white. I think all the white I’ve ever seen would look almost yellow in comparison. It didn’t have any seams. If I were to guess, its clothes were grown or sculpted, not manufactured. It almost looked like a part of its body, actually. If it were the same color as its skin, I would have thought that it was naked. . . .

“No, it didn’t speak at first. It didn’t do anything at first. But the other ones did. The other Greys were tilting their heads at the other people, like curious dogs. I think they were communicating. Some people closed their eyes and scrunched their faces. Others gaped and stared without blinking.

“After what seemed like forever, the Greys stopped tilting their heads and the people calmed down. Then the aliens gave them a long clear cylinder full of a glowing blue liquid, and they drank it and filed out of the room.

“I found myself alone with the last Grey. It was staring at me still. When it tilted its head, I started panicking. I think it knew I was afraid because it raised one hand and somehow calmed me. . . .

(“What? Yes, it did have 5 fingers. That’s important, actually. I’ll get to that later.)

“Anyways, I felt the room start to vibrate, the walls and floor. The Grey was doing it. The vibration made a noise almost like throat singing, or like that Australian drone pipe thing. . . . Yes, that’s it: like a didgeridoo. Eventually the noise sounded like words. Maybe the alien didn’t have a voice box, so it used the vibrating walls to speak to me. . . . Yes, yes: I’m about to tell you. Hold on.

“The Grey was still tilting its head, and it, or the room, creepily said, ‘Anthony, you are free to vibrate your neck.’

“I felt my throat, and I could tell that something changed. Something loosened, so, after working up the courage, I asked, ‘Who are you?’

“The room rumbled again, and it said, ‘I am sent with a message. Do not be afraid.’

“Then I asked it who the message was for, and it said it was for anyone who’d listen. And then it said, ‘many of your people hear our . . . particular vibrations. But they do not listen.’ (I paused there because that’s where it paused. I’m trying my best to mimic the Room Voice. But my imitation doesn’t do it justice.)

“Anyways, I asked what it meant by ’vibrations’.

“Then the room droned again. It didn’t sound like words I recognized. A kind of ‘Ooh ohm. Ooh ohm.’ Maybe that’s what it does when it’s thinking. When the droning finished, it said, ‘you clumsily exchange words with your neck vibrations, like infants that cannot walk without support. Many of your people experience . . . ooh ohm . . . the ordered words of the universe. But they do not listen to them.’

The Grey’s Mind Filled the Room

“I asked if they were using telecommunication technology that we hadn’t developed yet. Maybe that’s why humans didn’t get their message.

“It said, ‘Show me “technology”’, and it tilted its head the other way.

“I suddenly felt lightheaded. It was like it was taking all of the images connected to ‘technology’ out of my head and displaying them. On the wall around me all kinds of pictures appeared and disappeared. Actually, it was like one of those 3D movie theaters, but better. I could also feel and smell the images. There were things like wooden horse-drawn carriages, scrolls, and ancient weapons, like spears. Then they were replaced by better carriages, by printing presses, and swords. It seemed like this went on forever until eventually we saw modern cars, computers, smartphones, guns. . . .

“It then said, ‘your “technology” concept insufficiently relates to our method of . . . oohm ohm . . . communication.’

“Then I asked if they used telepathy.

“It said, again, ‘Show me “telepathy”’.

“The next images that came up were of people concentrating with their eyes closed. And then that was replaced by pictures of walkie talkies. And then I saw a smartphone (I think it was mine) connecting to a TV. Or was it connecting to another smartphone with Bluetooth? I can’t remember.

“And then a strange image of a hairy ape-like head floated over a line. I think it was a timeline like you see in history books. As the head floated along the line, from left to right, its forehead got less pronounced and its hair slowly disappeared. When the head first appeared, it looked angry and confused, but when it lost its hair, it looked calmer and more intelligent. And then the image was replaced by a never-ending line of falling dominos. (I think those pictures came up because I saw telepathy as a product of evolution.)

“Then the Grey said, ‘No. We do not communicate with “technology” and “telepathy”. Our means of communication does not come from . . . ooh ohm . . . unguided development. Everything is an ordered word. We are agents for the words.’

“So I said, ‘They’re not your words? Who sent you?’

“It said, ‘The Orderer.’

“I asked if the Orderer was their leader. Again it told me to show it ‘leader’. Of all the images that came up, the kingly ones got its attention. But it told me that king was still not right because the Orderer was much more.

“I asked if the Orderer was a different alien. But it rejected all of my images of aliens and it said, ‘It is different than . . . oohm ohm . . . moving things in the universe. It is not perceived as we are perceived.’

“Then I asked, ‘Are you talking about God?’

“The Grey said, ‘Show me “god”.’ Pictures of old bearded men sitting on thrones, of floating spaghetti monsters, of flying cylinders of steam, thunderstorms, eight-armed people in Asian dress — and so on — swam around the room.

“The Grey replied, ‘You are confused. You show “god” as you show “king” and “alien”. You ask if the Orderer is “god”: no, the Orderer is not a king alien. We have ordered your sphere according to the Orderer. This is why we have chosen you among your people. You are nearer those words than most of your kind.’ Then the alien displayed his mind on the dome surroundings. It was incredible! I could see exactly what he was talking about.

“(Can you hand me a napkin. I didn’t expect to choke up like this.)

“Anyways, I told it that I understood. Some of what he showed me was about numbers. About mathematics. My passion. Prime numbers are my favorite, and that’s what he kept suggesting to me on the wall. It was . . . beautiful.

“Then the Wall Voice boomed again: ‘That is one of the Orderer’s languages. We have built upon the Orderer’s words with our own.’ After that the Grey took one of my hands and raised it. It held its own hand up to mine.

“It asked me, ‘Do you see?’

“‘They’re the same shape’, I said.

“Then it said, ‘You have heard the Orderer’s and our vibrations. Are you now listening to the words?’

“Leo, do you get it? . . . Five fingers on each hand. We and the aliens. Five fingers! . . . Seriously? Still no clue? (What are your literature professors teaching?) Five is a prime number! A language of the Orderer!

“I told the Grey, ‘I got it!’ And then I asked, ‘You had something to do with life on earth, didn’t you? You expressed the Orderer biologically. With prime numbers, and so on. With symmetrical bodies. Two arms. Two legs. Five digits on each hand and foot.’

“(Leo, hand me another napkin.)

“Anyways, I asked it again, ‘You seeded our planet and encoded our DNA, didn’t you?’

“The entire domed room started twinkling and tingling: the alien was using everything it had to get this final message out. Its mind filled the room. (I hope I’m remembering this right.) The Grey said something like this: ‘You have begun to see that words do not merely exist as vibrations of the neck. You have heard our particular vibrations through the moving things in your sphere. Words live in everything. Now that you recognize that they are words, listen to them as former people of your trade did. You, and many like you, were strange to assume that you could reliably find patterns in things that you thought had no orderers.’ (There was a picture of falling dominos again on the wall.) ‘Patterns are not possible without orderers; and patterns are only apparent to other orderers. You, also, were made to order your sphere in accordance with the prime Orderer. No longer deafen yourself to our vibrations nor to the Orderer’s vibrations that irradiate the universe.’

“Finally the alien said that its work was finished and that I could go back. I asked it if I had to drink the same blue stuff that the other people drank.

“It said, ‘No. That fluid may be vibrated “Leithe” by your neck. It causes forgetfulness. You must remember. Go and share this memory to those who will listen to your vibrations.’”

© 2016, Daniel R. Asperheim

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