Masculinity is Your Weakness

The ways your “strength” hinders you

When I was but a toddler, I loved my Power Rangers and my Hot Wheels toys. I had a box full of the things. Even as an eight-year-old though, I had my guilty pleasures. The toys I loved more than any others were my stuffed animals.

I’d hide in my room and play with them alone. I remember my favorite animal was my stuffed cow. Nothing special about him, no special costumes, just your average cow. He was badass don’t get me wrong. He knew kung-fu. He’ll beat you the hell up. But I stray from the point.

Why was I so nervous to talk about it? It’s just something that I enjoyed. What’s wrong with getting some entertainment value from a sheet of cloth with some stuffing inside? I WAS EIGHT YEARS OLD. Why should I care if it wasn’t conventionally advertised for boys on television? I guess it doesn’t matter, because I cared regardless.

Every one of us have experienced a time where we’ve seen something that’s peaked our interest, only to be shot down by our fear of judgment. I’ve been there time and time again.

I was never one to play sports. I never wanted to learn how to build decks and use power tools. I seldom identified with my father’s interests, nor was he particularly interested in teaching me. I just wanted to write my poems and draw my cartoons.

Even when pursuing my desired hobbies though, I felt this underlying sense of failure. I felt as if he was disappointed in me, or maybe, I was disappointed in myself? What if I wanted to have huge biceps and chop wood for a living? But it just wasn’t me, and there’s no way I’m putting up an act either.

The world teaches us that we must be strong men that fit the mold. You buy the clothes with the tags they tell you to. You walk through the aisles that cater to your apparent desires.

“Don’t wear that color!”

“Don’t wear clothes like that!”

“You can’t try too hard!”

“You have to look STRONG.”

Become the man you’re supposed to be.

How about I become the man I want to be?

Buy that jacket with the cool design on it. Women’s medium? Try it on. Does it fit? You’re welcome.

Why are we so afraid to break from our comfort zone and live the way we want? If we are so “strong”, I’d love to know why we can’t even stray from the molded standards of society that allow us from doing and wearing what we want.

Do you want to know who thinks a well-dressed man is sexy? The woman you’re trying to impress.

Do you know who makes fun of a well-dressed man? Doesn’t fucking matter. You’re too busy flirting with the girl you just impressed.

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