Day 271: Holy Night, Working Night

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, known in other parts of the world as Thursday. On this day, kitchens will be filled, shops closed at 3 pm and every child waiting for that first star to appear so they can get their hands on those sweet, sweet presents.

But there are people, and not only people, who won’t have that luxury of being at home that night. Some will just be on their own, with no one to share their gloom but a glass of wine. Some will have to work as bus drivers, road service providers or couriers of presents, with no time for them and their family, as they want a better future for themselves. And even if that means giving up on this one day, they would rather do so than feel sorrow during the rest of the month. Festive atmosphere won’t pay bills, after all.

And where is he heading? Wherever he’s told to.

But you gotta do what you gotta do.

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