Day 71: Feeet (for Mort and ugly large male foot fetishists (ULMFF))

So, another day, another lack of clue on what to draw (or rather, doodle). So I went with what I saw. And what I saw was my foot.

It’s hideously large (EU size 45) and has some hair, which I try to shave regularly, but 1) it keeps growing 2) I’m too scared to use a razor, as I did it twice and both times I got cut. Forget even about the nails with which I have problems both on hand and feet (should use that anti-biting polish again).

If I could decide? Size 38, no hair, nails in good order — basically saying: girly.

But let’s go back to the drawing. I tried to draw exactly what I saw. No interpretation, no changing facts, just what I saw. And it seems to me real world is really great when it comes to providing proper shadows and proportions. Just to learn how to pick these things out.

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