Day 80: Strong (Infertile) Men

The inspiration was an interview with a doctor I’ve read in a web edition of a newspaper respected by 50% of society. The interview was on topic of being THE MAAAN! and he said somewhere that one of the things that make men infertile is taking androgens, or testosterone. It shuts down body’s production of this hormone and damages fertility. So, as I have a jock in my class, he has curly hair but at the same time he has IMO too much muscles, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took androgens. Saddening stuff.

Now, the drawing. First, I thing I’ll need to throw out my pencil. I sharpened it, but it’s pointy part is irregular and overall I’ve used 40% of it. Second, I needed to adjust ratios, as you can see near the fist and still it’s not as good as I thought. Note to self: forearm is as long as an arm.

But I added pubic hair near the armpits and muscles look rather correct! So it’s not that bad.

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