Day 97: Manga #3: So Bloody Hot

So, four things:

- the drawing itself: rather happy, especially with hair I’ve been able to make two-colour (guess the colours) and that I didn’t need a tutorial to do this, just look at the previous drawings to remind myself how to do this

- the weather: it was 30 degrees Celsius (fuck yeah metric units) and surprise, surprise — thanks to AC I’ve got cold. My nose is blocked and, as you can see on the picture, so is his. That’s why he’s so unhappy…

- the social skills: I can’t do it. I tried to spread pamphlets about how working on a regular contract is a right, not a privilege. Well, I left five in the bus and I went back home after an hour of walking alone through parks. This was a little bit pointless, as as a human I hate being given pamphlets, so I felt slightly guilty about it. Also, the whole action was a little bit a bad idea — after all, most people who work on so-called “garbage contracts”, or ones without pension and healthcare payments, work till 10 pm and were not on the streets from 8 pm to 9 pm.

- mah feelings (or lack of): some guy killed himself because he was called a “f****t” by classmates and teachers. After his death, many fanpages celebrating the fact he’s dead had tens of thousands of fans before they were deleted. Guess my reaction: nothing. I can’t cry because of it, I can’t be angry at all those people, I’m way too emotionally numb to respond to it. It’s just the way it is in my country.

Oh, and if anyone wants a digital copy of that pamphlet (with translation) posted, give me an ask.

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