This is a goodbye

My dear followers on Medium.

I am writing this to inform you I will no longer maintain the profile on Medium.

Why? Few reasons:

  1. It’s been a hassle. Posting on tumblr, then sometimes posting on Reddit and then copying an entire post on Medium — it’s been too much. Even though I could have used import tool, it didn’t serve its purpose because…
  2. The customer service here is bad. I asked them to figure it out, and they told me they know the tool is broken and it will be for the time being. That makes no sense to me.
  3. I no longer need redemption. During these 287 days I’ve been run by hate, then fear, then guilt. I’ve done a lot of damage on this platform under a different name (my actual one), I’ve been angry and I’ve been actually banned once. Partially because I was jealous of how others could draw well. I thought maintaining this, as well as doing the entire exercise of drawing every day, would solve this problem. It did, but it didn’t require Medium for that. If there are two people I would like to apologize to right now, it’s Matt Bors and Erika Moen. I’ve done some horrible stuff, I said hateful and ugly things and I’m sorry.

Now, this doesn’t mean I stop drawing. I will continue to do it on the tumblr blog:

So for now, see you elsewhere.

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