Protect Your Creations With Efficient Web Tool

Creating textile prints requires artistic skills. To protect this artistic creation from being copied by someone else, it is important to get textile print copyright protection. Previously, it was quite difficult to protect textile prints. Fortunately, thanks to the advancement of technology as it has provided textile designers with various web tools to manage, store and protect textile prints online.

Drawy is a great platform that helps textile designers as a copyright manager. With electronic time stamping, you can save a lot of time and expense in protecting your creations. After time stamping, designers receive a time stamp PDF in their inbox. This fully automated procedure is really helpful in avoiding copyright infringement. It also keeps track of everyone who looks at prints and users are provided with history for their prints.

In addition to textile print copyright protection, Drawy also brings a secure and protected marketplace where you can buy and sell textile prints online at very low transaction fee. If you have just entered into the textile industry and looking for an appropriate way to store and protect textile prints, reap the benefits of outstanding features of Drawy and enhance your business of textile prints efficiently.

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