3 things Warhol saw coming

Full disclosure: I don’t have a clue about art or Warhol, except what you pick up just being alive in the modern West. That’s never stopped me before so why start now?

Brands as product.

Yesterday I went to Cadbury World and I loved it. I wasn’t paying for the chocolate I was paying to get closer to the brand. Warhol painted famous brands and sold them. Now just about every brand is sold separate from the product it represents.

Everybody famous for 15 minutes.

A few months ago I got retweeted by Marc Andreessen. For a few minutes 30,000 people were looking at my mugshot. Then they weren’t. My 15 minutes are over.

Slow movies.

Warhol made long movies where very little happened. They just played for hours. Today I heard about the rise of Slow TV — long films of real events or journeys, designed to play in the background. Nobody watches TV anymore, but everybody has it switched on.

Warhol was not a deep thinker or a futurist. He admitted his art was vacuous. Maybe that’s how he did it. Only a vacuous thinker could imagine that all our amazing technology would yield in such low brow results.

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